Énois was founded in 2009, by journalists Amanda Rahra and Nina Weingrill, during a volunteer journalism training project in Capão Redondo, one of the most violent neighborhoods in the outskirts of São Paulo. After training 300 students, the duo decided to take a step forward to reach a larger number of people and went to online education.

In October 2014, they created the first online journalism school in Brazil aimed at young audiences, the Escola de Jornalismo. In it, free courses are presented through video classes, expert instructors and reference materials in a tutorial format, innovating the language used for online education. Today, the platform already has more than 4 thousand registered students.


About 70% of the young people who went through face-to-face training today attend a university (through PROUNI). Of those, 50% are working with journalism or in the area of communication of companies and private foundations such as Itaú Social, Instituto Alana and Fundação Lemann. More than half of them have their own projects and local action – with social projects in their neighborhoods and young groups. And 5% of them work or have worked on public policy projects, using journalism and communication skills to support them.

In 2016 alone, Escola de Jornalismo produced more than 20 articles such as “Identidade Parcelada”, a multimedia report on youth consumption and brand influence on young people from the periphery, “Menina Pode Tudo”, an investigation about machismo and violence against young people Of periphery, with the participation of girls from five capitals, and the “Young Politicians”, a great report about the young bench in the Chamber of Deputies.

We also produce “Cara do Mundo, Cara de Sampa”, a film documentary about young immigrants and refugees in São Paulo, which will be released in 2017 on TV Futura. And we won the Undime Prize for Journalism and Education for a report produced on a democratic school in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo, south zone of SP.

We launched Prato Firmeza, the first gastronomic guide on the outskirts of São Paulo, which directly impacted more than 500 people in debates, meetings and formations in São Paulo. In addition to speaking, through productions and partnerships with major media outlets such as UOL, Tab UOL, Futura Channel, Public Agency, Trip Magazine and Huffington Post Brazil, with almost one million people.

We created #nanobolsa to fund young and independent journalism also in other regions of the city and the country. With it, we support young initiatives and communication groups to talk about local problems with national impact.


In 2014, we were selected by the American magazine GOOD as one of the 100 global initiatives that help push the world forward and the IDB as one of the 16 most innovative start-ups in Latin America. In the same year, we were finalists of the Social Entrepreneur of Folha de SP. And we became members of Endeavor’s Vision of Success program and TEDX speakers.

In 2015, we were leveraged by the Edge Foundation, an international fund to support education start-ups, and won the Sustainable Entrepreneur Award.